Important Dates

Election Day:  

November 7, 2023. Polls are open 7am-8pm

Last day to register to vote or change your party:  October 23, 2023

Last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot: October 31, 2023 by 5:00PM

Last Day for the Elections Bureau to receive completed Mail-in or Absentee ballots:  

November 7, 2023 by 8:00PM

Delco Elections Bureau

Hotline: 610-891-VOTE (8683)

Fax: 610-892-0641

Media Voter Services Center <click here for hours>:

General Voting Questions

Who can I call if I have any questions about voting?

The Delaware County Election Bureau has a hotline for all local voting questions:  1-610-891-VOTE (8683).

The PA Dems have a hotline and they are happy to help answer any questions you have.  Please call 1-833-PAVOTES (833-728-6837).

How do I vote at the polls?  

Can I vote early?

PA's version of early voting allows you to request a mail-in ballot at Voter Services Center so you can fill it out and cast your ballot on the spot..

Visit the main Delco Elections Bureau service center to apply for and complete your mail-in ballot.  You may need to show proof of ID. To speed things up, you can print an application form and complete it in advance:

If you arrive at the Elections Bureau and do not have an application, one will be provided.

How do I report a voting concern on Election Day.

1-877-VotesPA (1-877-868-3772) is a PA Department of State hotline that will be staffed on Election Day.  If you feel that your voting rights were violated or you want to report suspected intimidation, fraud or irregularies, you may do so through this hotline or by completing an online form.

Mail-In/Absentee Voting Requests

What is the difference between Mail-In and Absentee ballots?  Which one should I request?

Act 77 of 2019 introduced the "No-Excuse" Mail-in Ballot, that can be used for ANY reason.  Absentee ballots are still available because they are written into the Commonwealth's Constitution.  

When in doubt, choose the Mail-In Ballot option.

How do I request a ballot if I don't have a printer?

Contact the Delco Elections Bureau Voter Services Center to request a paper application.

Do I need to renew my mail-in or absentee ballot each election?

It depends.  The mail-in & absentee ballot applications asked if you wish to be on the Annual Mail-in Ballot list.  

If you select this option , you will automatically receive a mail-in/absentee ballot for every election held that same calendar year.  The following year, you will receive an application to renew your mail-in/absentee ballot preference.  Annual mail-in/absentee ballot status does not automatically transfer from year to year.

If you did not select this option when you applied for a ballot, you will need to submit a new application for a mail-in/absentee ballot the next time you wish to vote by mail.

I have changed my mind and don't want to keep getting applications for mail-in ballots.  How do I get off the list?

If you selected the annual mail-in ballot option with your mail-in ballot application, you may cancel your annual mail-in ballot status by completing and returning this form to the Delaware County Elections Bureau.

If I received my mail-in/absentee ballot, do I have to cast my vote with it?

Voting by mail is safe and secure.  You have many different options for returning your ballot between the US Postal Service, Ballot drop boxes, and Voter Service Center.  

However, if you want to vote in person on Election, you can bring your ballot and the Outer Envelope to your polling place.  The Judge of Elections will take your ballot, have you sign an affidavit, and allow you to vote in person.  Should you forget to bring your ballot and outer envelope, you will be allowed to vote via a Provisional Ballot.

Mail-In/Absentee Ballot Status and Voting

When will I receive my ballot?

The Delco Elections Bureau cannot mail any ballots until any state litigation about the ballot is settled.  This varies from election to election. 

If you supplied an email address, you will receive an email when your ballot has been mailed.  You can also check .  The "Ballot Mailed" field will be populated when your ballot has been mailed.

Do I have to sign my ballot  a certain way?

No. Ballots will not be invalidated due to a signature mismatch.

Be sure to complete the outer envelope, which includes your printed name and current date, in addition to your signature.  Failure to complete the entire affadavit could cause issues. 

I accidentally wrote my Date of Birth on the outer envelope of my ballot where I was supposed to write today's date.  What should I do?

You may cross out your birth date and write today's date on the outer envelope.

I completed my mail-in ballot.  Can someone turn it in for me?

You may have someone put a mail-in or absentee ballot in the US Mail for you.  

You may not have someone other than yourself put your ballot in a mail-in ballot drop box.  This could be considered "ballot harvesting" and your ballot could be challenged.

If you are disabled or incapacitated, someone may bring a mail-in or absentee ballot to the Delco Elections Bureau Voter Service Center.  You both must complete the Designated Agent Form and your Agent brings the completed form and your ballot to the Delco Elections Bureau Voter Service Center.

How can I tell if the Elections Bureau received my completed mail-in ballot?

When the Elections Bureau receives  your ballot, they will first validate that the Outer envelope has been fully completed.  If it is complete, they will populate the Ballot Received date in the system.  You can check the status at  

How can I tell if my mail-in ballot has been counted? 

On Election Day, the Outer envelope will be opened.  If the Secrecy Envelope is present and unmarked, it will be counted.  They cannot update the system with a counted status because once they remove the outer envelope, they do not know it's your ballot as there are no barcodes on the secrecy envelope or the ballot to trace the ballot back to you.

May I vote again, change or cancel my ballot once it has been sent to the Elections Bureau?

Once the Elections Bureau records your ballot as received, you may not vote again under any circumstances.  If the Elections Bureau does not record your ballot as received by Election Day then you may vote in person at the polls via a Provisional Ballot.