MCDC committee members do much of their work through participation in Standing Committees. Click on a heading to learn more about the Standing Committee.

Budget Development Committee

The Budget Development Committee develops a strategic budgetary plan to meet the goals of MCDC.

The Budget Development Committee

  • Sets fundraising and spending goals each January

  • Ensures spending goals are in support of Democratic candidates for Municipal and School Board candidates in odd election years. In even election years, Committee building activities and some support for State and Federal offices are to be considered.

  • Presents the budget to MCDC Committee Members for an adoption vote at a General Meeting of the MCDC

Candidate Recruitment Committee

All MCDC Committee Members are expected to speak with their friends, neighbors, and associates about running for local office. MCDC also welcomes candidate suggestions from the community. Once prospects are identified, the MCDC's Chair and Vice Chairs will meet with prospective candidates and discuss the process for running for office. Prospective candidates must demonstrate a strong interest in running and serving and must be able to work collaboratively for the common good. Prospective candidates must also commit the necessary time to the election process and to serving in the role, if elected.

Candidate Training and Campaign Support Committee

The Candidate Training and Campaign Support Committee provides candidates with preliminary orientation for running for office. The committee is responsible for writing and scheduling training sessions on topics such as Canvassing, Fundraising, Community Outreach, Endorsements, VoteBuilder, and Social Media.

This committee is evolving to also define campaign support functions. We are using lessons learned in 2021 to define and establish better support functions for 2023 and beyond.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee develops written communications that help elect candidates to municipal office, that educate MCDC voters, and that promote the work of MCDC.

The Communications Committee

  • Works with each candidate's campaign to produce written election materials, such as candidate bios, palm cards, and campaign mailers and letters.

  • Develops Get Out the Vote (GOTV) mailers for every election

  • Creates an annual MCDC newsletter

The Communications Committee’s tasks will vary with the skills of the group and will at times be supplemented by the members of the Technical Committee. Additional activities of the Communications Committee may include

  • Administer and/or provide content for social media accounts

  • Create electronic newsletter content

Fundraising Committee

MCDC raises funds to support local candidates’ election campaigns through direct campaign expenditures and for campaign infrastructure. Funds are also needed for committee-building activities, Election Day expenses, and to support County and State candidates in the MCDC area of responsibility.

The Fundraising Committee raises funds by

  • Planning and executing an annual ticketed event with the primary purpose of raising funds for the Committee and the secondary purposes of giving exposure to our candidates and building Committee awareness.

  • Other means, as identified by the Fundraising Committee and approved by the Chair of MCDC.

Poll Staffing Committee

The mission of the Poll Staffing Committee is to support the MCDC in providing optimal poll coverage and functioning on each Election Day. The work of this Committee includes:

  • Obtaining the list of “inside workers” for each polling place from the Delaware County Bureau of Elections and keeping it current. Inside workers are: Judge of Election (elected), Inspector (elected) and Clerk (appointed by the Minority Inspector).

  • Working with Vice Chairs and Committee Members (CMs) to fill any inside worker vacancies before any election.

  • Working with Vice Chairs to ensure that CMs have arranged for sufficient greeters at each poll and that appropriate information is provided to greeters at each poll.

  • Organizing strike list training once a year before the general election, as needed.

  • Organizing greeter training once a year before the primary and prior to the general election, if needed.

  • Organizing an inside worker “thank you” brunch in the winter of odd numbered years.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee assesses, recommends, and manages digital solutions necessary to effectively promote MCDC and our endorsed candidates.

The Technology Committee also

  • Trains on the use digital tools when possible

  • Maintains the MCDC website content

  • Maintains the electronic mailing system and mailing list

The Technology Committee’s tasks will vary with the skills of the group and will at time complement the expertise of members of the Communications Committee, with whom the Tech Team collaborates. Some of the activities include

  • Creating the monthly electronic newsletter

  • Creating social media campaigns and graphics

  • Monitoring the MCDC Facebook page, the MCDC Facebook group, and the MCDC Twitter account.