Become a Committee Member

What is a Committee Member?

A committee member (CM) is the representative of the Democratic Party in your district or precinct.

Your CM is a volunteer who works to support Democratic candidates and elections.

How does someone become a Committee Member?

To learn more about becoming a Committee Member in the Mid-County Democrats, contact our Chair, Bonnie Friedman ( Please also read the section below titled "What are the Types of Committee Members?"

What are the Types of Committee Members?


  • The voters in each precinct elect two CMs every four years, at the spring primary. The most recent election occurred on May 15, 2018, so the next opportunity to be on the ballot is in 2022. Each CM serves a four-year term, and there are no term limits.

  • To run to be a CM, you must be a registered Democrat in the district or precinct you want to represent. In order to be on the ballot, you must file a petition with the County, like any other candidate for office.

  • Elected Committee Members have all the rights of a Committee Member.


  • If a district or precinct has fewer than two CMs, the open CM position(s) may be filled by appointment by the chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee, upon the recommendation of the MCDC Chair.

  • Appointed Committee Members have all the rights and responsibilities of an Elected Committee Member.


  • Each municipality is allowed a certain number of additional At-Large committee members. At-Large committee members are appointed by the MCDC Chair after they are approved by a committee vote.

  • At-Large Committee Members have all the rights and responsibilities of an Elected Committee Member except they may not vote for the Chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee or the Chair of the Mid-County Democratic Committee.

What does a Committee Member do?

Assists in Finding and Electing Democratic Candidates

  • Recruits candidates

  • Circulates and files nominating petitions for candidates

  • Places candidate signs and distributes information

  • Works for candidates by canvassing and phone banking

  • Increases the registration of Democrats

Supports the Mid-County Democratic Committee

  • Participates in monthly MCDC meetings

  • Participates in fundraising activities

  • Votes to endorse candidates at nominating conventions

  • Joins a Standing Committee and helps us with activities that support our mission

Supports Local Democratic Voters