Next Meeting: Sunday, September 18th

Roosevelt Community Center, 464 S Old Middletown Rd, Media, PA

Meeting start time: 7:00 PM

Attend our Meetings!

Our regular meetings for Committee Members are held at the Roosevelt Community Center, located at 464 S Old Middletown Rd, Media, PA. Meetings start promptly at 6:30PM and last approximately 60-75 minutes. Meetings are also open to all members of the general public who are registered Democrats. Ample parking is available at the rear of the building.

Meetings are typically held the fourth Sunday of every month, except December. Please check the calendar page before attending, as meeting dates are sometimes changed to not conflict with holidays.

The Agenda for each upcoming meeting is posted below when it's ready.

MCDC adopted Roberts Rules of Order for its meetings. Our meetings are focused on conducting MCDC business and updating its members on past and upcoming activities. Members of the public are invited to introduce themselves during the "Welcome Guests" agenda item. Anyone is also invited to speak or ask a general question during the "Open Forum" agenda item . There is also time before and after the meetings to mingle and meet our members. By participating in meetings, we hope that you hear about something that interests you and spurs you to get involved.

We look forward to meeting you!

Mid-County Democratic Committee

Meeting Agenda

Sunday May 22, 2022

Call to Order at 6:30 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Average Attendance of past 12 months: 46

Welcome any New Guests

Placeholder for any Candidates in attendance to speak

Approval of April Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Chair’s Report:

· Election Day Recap

· Election Day meals – receipts

· Delco Dems Reorganization Meeting

Vice-Chair Reports

New Business:

· Election of MCDC Co-Chairs

o Candidates: Elizabeth Linton, Vincent DiPillo

Open Forum

Next Meeting: Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 6:30 pm