Our Mission Statement

The primary mission of Mid-County Democratic Committee (MCDC) is the furtherment of the Democratic Party through the identification, recruitment, training and material support of Democrats who seek positions in elected municipal government, school boards , and as magisterial justices within MCDC's area of responsibility: Edgmont, Middletown, and Upper Providence.

MCDC will achieve the goals of this mission through:

  • fundraising for supporting local candidates and increasing voter awareness

  • communicating with our constituents through regularly scheduled meetings, newsletters, and social media outlets

  • recruiting and training municipal candidates

  • providing strategic, tactical, and financial support for municipal candidates

  • staffing precinct polls during primary and general elections

Secondly, MCDC will support prospective Democratic candidates for County, State, and Federal elected positions in MCDC's area of responsibility.

Thank you for your interest in our local Democratic Committee.