Become a Poll Greeter

What Are Poll Greeters?

Poll greeters are the people standing outside your polling place, talking to voters, answering questions, and handing out literature, including a sample ballot showing the candidates endorsed by MCDC or the Delaware County Democratic Committee. They explain anything that might be confusing to voters, and they may even help an undecided voter make a decision. They are the face of the Democratic Party on Election Day.

Even if you've never been a poll greeter, we encourage and welcome your help. It’s an easy way to help elect Democrats to office.

How Can I Become a Poll Greeter?

  1. Sign up – To become a poll greeter, contact our Chair, Bonnie Friedman (, two or three weeks before the election. If you have previously been a poll greeter, we may contact you. There are no requirements to be a greeter – students under the age of 18 have helped in the past!

  2. Get your shift schedule – Your precinct's committee members will make up a schedule for the precinct's poll workers, with each person generally working two-hour shifts. We are flexible in scheduling a time that accommodates your busy life. You will probably be scheduled to volunteer at the precinct where you vote, but it's possible that you may be asked to act as a greeter at a different precinct, if needed.

  3. Learn how – We have one-hour training classes a week or two before each election, to make sure all poll greeters—new or experienced—feel comfortable and prepared. Your CM will tell you how to sign up once classes are scheduled.