2024 Democratic Primary Information

The Primary Election is April 23, 2024

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm

Endorsed Candidates 

Federal and Statewide Candidates

·         U.S. President - Joe Biden 

·         U.S. Senate - Bob Casey

·         Attorney General - Jack Stollsteimer

·         Auditor General - Malcolm Kenyatta

·         Treasurer - Ryan Bizzarro

·         Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon

Senators in the General Assembly

·  9th District - Senator John Kane   Middletown and Edgmont

Representatives in the General Assembly 

·  161st District - Rep Leanne Kreuger Middletown Districts 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2

·  165th District - Rep Jenn O’Mara.     Upper Providence

·  168th District - Rep Lisa Borowski    Edgmont and Middletown District 2-3 and all precincts In Districts 3 and 4 


Delegates to the Democratic National Convention:

(91) Jennifer O’Mara

(92) Ryan N. Boyer Sr.

(93) Tanya V. Allen

(94) Emilio A. Buitrago

(95) Gina H. Curry

(96) Thomas J. Deluca

(97) Monica Taylor

Note:  We recommend you vote for seven delegates and leave the other spaces blank. The Biden campaign will be selecting the eighth delegate.


Important Dates

April 8             Last day to register before the April 23 election.

April 16          Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot.

April 23          Board of Elections must receive voted mail-in and absentee ballots by 8 pm.

April 23          Primary Election Day. Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm.

Voting by Mail – Don’t Forget to Date Your Ballot

Our Primary election is just around the corner. President Biden, Senator Casey and Congresswoman Scanlon are unopposed, while our endorsed statewide candidates, Jack Stollsteimer for Attorney General, Malcolm Kenyatta for Auditor General and  Ryan Bizzarro for Treasurer are all facing contested primary battles. Your vote will make a difference!

Vote by Mail (VBM) ballots will be arriving in mailboxes this week. There is still time to apply! If there is a chance you may be away or busy on April 23, click here to apply for a mail-in ballot today! The deadline for applications is Tuesday, April 16th at 5 PM.

To ensure that your ballot will be accepted and your vote counted you must:

·         use the yellow secrecy envelope 

·         sign and date (the date signed) the declaration on the outer envelope

·         use only the ballot materials sent to you

For more details and to locate a drop box, go to Delco Votes!

The process of voting by mail

All vote-by-mail ballot applications are processed by the Delaware County Bureau of Elections. Processing time varies. Check the status of your vote-by-mail ballot application using the Election Ballot Status Check tool. (This also provides your voting district information.)

Apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot before 5 pm April 16, 2024.

Once you receive your ballot, review the materials. Then:

·         Mark your ballot, following instructions included with the ballot.

Use the Mid-County Dems endorsed candidate list above.

·         Place it in the secrecy envelope (marked "Official Ballot Envelope")

·         Put the sealed secrecy envelope inside the larger Ballot Return Envelope. 

·         Sign and date (the date signed) the declaration on your outer Ballot Return Envelope to make sure that your ballot counts.

Ballots must be received by Delaware County by 8 pm April 23, 2024 – Election Day - via mail or drop box.


See the Delco Primary Election Kick-off Guide for more information.


The Voter Service Center in Media at the Board of Election is open Monday through Friday from  8:30 am – 4:30 pm. 

Sample of the outside Ballot Return Envelope: