Carissa Ciuca

for Middletown Township Council


Carissa Ciuca is running for Middletown Township Council at Large. Carissa’s extensive professional experience and skills will bring a fresh perspective to Middletown Township Council. Carissa’s experience includes working with non-profits and universities, and as a small business owner. She is senior director for an award-winning Delaware County marketing agency. Carissa is committed to all township residents, and supports clear communication and fairness across the township. She and her husband, Eric, a retired USCG veteran, live in Riddlewood with their two children. They are active volunteers in their children’s schools, swim teams, Boy Scouts, and choir. 

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Carissa Ciuca is running for Middletown Township Council at Large. A 10 year resident of the Township, Carissa is a military spouse, mom, business leader, and entrepreneur. In addition to volunteering in her community, Carissa works full-time as a senior director in an award-winning marketing agency based right here in Delaware County. 

Carissa has a BA in Communication and Business from the College of Charleston, where she graduated in 2002. Since then, Carissa worked in leadership for some of the nation’s most well-known universities and nonprofits, including The George Washington University, The American Kidney Fund, Ronald McDonald House, Blue Star Families, and WXPN-FM. In 2010, Carissa also opened and ran her own brick-and-mortar business, which she sold to an employee in 2014. Now, Carissa is a Senior Director at Results Repeat, a marketing agency based in Media. In this role, she grew the revenue of this small business from $1 million to nearly $5 million over the last six years.

Carissa’s broad base of experience, both personal and professional, will provide a fresh perspective to Middletown Township Council. Her experience and skills blended with her down-to-earth style make her the ideal link between township residents and the Council. Carissa supports clear communication and fairness for all township residents. She will use her financial leadership experience to make sound investments and spending decisions in all residents’ best interest. She will also prioritize the continued critical stewardship of Middletown’s open spaces, creeks, parks, and trails.

Carissa and her husband Eric, a 21 year US Coast Guard Veteran, made Middletown their home in 2013 when Eric was assigned to a US Coast Guard unit in Philadelphia. Falling in love with Middletown, Eric then commuted to assignments in both New Jersey and Mississippi, while the family put down their roots in Middletown. Carissa and Eric (now retired) reside in Riddlewood-Sunnybrae, where they are raising their children, aged 14 and 11. They are active volunteers in their children’s schools, swim teams, BSA Troop 404, and choir. Most nice weekends you can spot them on one of the 33 miles of Middletown trails, hiking with their pup.

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