Cameron Stevens

for RTMSD School Director

Cameron Stevens is running for Rose Tree Media School Director. Cameron believes in playing an active, positive role in the community. An honors graduate at Penn State, he has degrees in Finance and Economics. He led a mentorship program for the Philadelphia Corps members of City Year. He transitioned to a career as a business analyst, using data to assist business organizations to become more successful.

If elected, Cameron pledges to work hard, thinking critically and thoroughly in order to ensure that RTMSD district challenges are met, for both students and residents. Cameron and his family live in Edgmont Township.

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Cameron Stevens is running for Rose Tree Media School Board Director. Cameron and his wife moved to Edgmont Township to put down roots in an area where their children would be able to explore the wonderful trails and open land of Delaware County. They want them to have access to some of the best education opportunities in the state. Cameron and his wife were both fortunate to grow up in communities that valued investment in education, and his hope is to pay this care forward by offering his public service to RTMSD. 


As an Eagle Scout, Cameron learned the importance of playing an active and positive role in the community. In his professional career, Cameron continued this pursuit by leading a mentorship and career development program for the Philadelphia Corp members of City Year, an educational non-profit organization dedicated to helping students in high-need communities stay on track to graduate high school. Today, in a time when interactions are so commonly undertaken through the internet, it has become more important to meet and understand the people who live in our communities.


After graduating with honors from Penn State University with degrees in Finance and Economics, Cameron started his career as a business consultant where he learned to use data to help organizations answer difficult questions. More importantly though, he has learned how to clearly communicate the findings of that analysis to facilitate meaningful conversations with those impacted by the decisions.


As a member of the School Board, Cameron pledges to do the hard work by thinking critically and thoroughly about the challenges facing this district, and to engage in conversations with all who are impacted. Top of mind are the opportunities we must:


      Ensuring all students are in dedicated, permanent classroom spaces.

      Reducing bus travel to give students more time in their classrooms or with their families.

      Providing full-day kindergarten to support families.

      Taking cost-effective approaches to preparing students for the full breadth of career paths.

               Continuing to retain and attract the highest quality teaching professionals.

      Ensuring that students have meaningful access to high-quality mental health support service.


Cameron would be honored to be elected as School Director. Cameron looks forward to working with students, parents, and the greater RTM community to assure that our students continue to have access to best-in-class opportunities for them to discover the joys of learning, growth, and friendship.


Let us all remember, “Children First, Always”.

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