Published 12.18.2020

To the Times:

“I don’t know how mistakes like this happen.”

So said state Rep. Chris Quinn, R-168 of Middletown, to Pennsylvania Capital-Star reporter, Stephen Caruso. Quinn was referring to the presence of his signature on the Dec. 4 letter – authored by 75 Republican state legislators – addressed to Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation, calling for Congress to comply with the narrative of the Trump administration, rejecting the 20 Electoral College votes earned by President-Elect Joe Biden’s 80,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania.

Published 08.2020

Flatten the Ballot Curve

You can help us avoid problems in November by joining the initiative to Flatten the Ballot Curve in Delco. By applying to vote by mail as early as possible, you’ll make it easier to mail back your own ballot by Election Day and reduce the “spike” in last-minute applications. A flattened curve means last-minute requests for a ballot can go out the following day — rather than Election Day

Published 08.2020

Why Can’t the Moderate Republicans in the State Legislature Get Anything Done?

Harrisburg is mired in a stalemate. Former leader Mike Turzai refused to bring important legislation to the floor for a vote. As a result, there were 374 bills sitting in the House Judiciary Committee when the Republican chair left the position, many of them stalled since June 2019.