Inside Your

Polling Place

The Election Board

The Election Board is a group of five individuals who are in charge of the polling place and work inside it on Election Day. Each precinct has its own Election Board, often referred to as the “inside poll workers.”

These Inside Poll Workers are elected for four-year terms:

  • Judge of Election (the “JOE”) – opens and closes the polling place and manages all Election Day activities and personnel inside the poll.

  • Minority and Majority Inspectors – manage the sign-in procedure for voters. One is a Democrat and the other is a Republican. The Inspector who is elected with the most votes becomes the Majority Inspector, and the other becomes the Minority Inspector.

These Inside Poll Workers are appointed:

  • Clerk – appointed by the Minority Inspector to assist both Inspectors.

  • Machine Inspector – appointed by the County Board of Elections to oversee the operation of the voting machines.

Poll Watchers

A poll watcher is a representative of a candidate or a political party who is allowed, by law, to be inside the precinct and observe the election process.

Poll watchers volunteer through their municipal committee and are NOT elected. All poll watchers must have a poll watcher certificate, which is obtained from the County’s Bureau of Election by MCDC before Election Day.