Precincts & Districts

This is a short explanation of the terms "precinct" and "district," as they are used in MCDC.


Precincts are the smallest unit of election administration, ranging in size from just a few voters to more than 1000 people. Each precinct contains one designated polling location for precinct residents, although more than one precinct may vote at the same polling place.

  • Thornbury Township is divided into five precincts.

  • Edgmont Township is divided into two precincts but also refers to them as districts.


A district is the geographical area within which one member of a local council is elected. If the area of the district is large, it may be subdivided into precincts.

  • Middletown Township is divided into four districts, each of which elects a member of the Middletown Council. Other seats on the council are elected at-large. Each of Middletown Township’s four districts is divided into three precincts.

  • Upper Providence Township is divided into five districts, with one member of the Upper Providence council elected from each district. Upper Providence Township does not divide its districts into precincts. Instead, each district acts as a precinct, in that there is one polling place for each district.

The Exception

Chester Heights Borough has one polling place and does not use the term “district” or “precinct.”