MCDC committee members do much of their work through participation in Standing Committees. Click on a heading to learn more about the Standing Committee.

Candidate Recruitment Committee

The mission of the Candidate Recruitment Committee is to recruit and vet candidates to run in Municipal elections for town and borough councils and School Boards. These elections occur in odd years.

The committee also provides candidates with preliminary orientation for running for office.

Communications Committee

The mission of the Communications Committee of the Mid-County Democratic Committee (“MCDC”) is to support the MCDC in the following ways:

  • Assist candidates endorsed by MCDC in producing campaign literature. Work with each candidate's campaign to support their message in written form, as well as on Facebook and other appropriate media channels.

  • Produce newsletters, as directed by the MCDC chairperson.

  • Maintain and promote the MCDC email list (the “e-list”).

  • In consultation with the Chair of the MCDC and the administrator of the e-list:

- Review and approve email messages proposed by members of the MCDC for distribution to the e-list.

- Draft and disseminate email messages to the e-list on topics consistent with the mission of the MCDC.

  • In collaboration with the Technology Committee, maintain the MCDC website.

  • In collaboration with the Technology Committee, monitor the MCDC Facebook page, the MCDC Facebook group, and the MCDC Twitter account. Utilize Facebook & Facebook to support the mission of the MCDC and MCDC endorsed candidates as directed.

  • In collaboration with the Political Action Outreach Committee, assist in the dissemination of information regarding political action groups and organizations supportive of Democratic principles and concerns.

Budget Development Committee

The mission of the Budget Development Committee is to develop a strategic budgetary plan to meet the goals of the MCDC.

The work of the Committee includes:

  • Setting fundraising and spending goals for the approval of the MCDC each January.

  • Such approval to occur only at a Regular Meeting of the MCDC.

  • Such spending goals to be in support of Democratic candidates for State and Federal offices in even election years and Municipal and School Board candidates in odd election years, as well as special elections.

Technology Committee

The mission of the MCDC Technology Committee is to assess, recommend, and manage digital tools, training, and solutions necessary to effectively promote and communicate in support of the MCDC and our endorsed candidates.

  • The Technology Committee supports the mission of the Communications Committee through digital tools such as Facebook, Twitter, websites, and email.

  • The Technology Committee may, as needed, provide training on the tools in use by the MCDC and our candidates.

  • The Technology Committee may access publically available data and generate analytical reports at the request of our Chairperson.

Fundraising Committee

Funds are raised mainly to benefit MCDC local candidates’ election campaigns. A second purpose is to engage party supporters in informative and enjoyable activities to foster favorable opinions of all Democratic candidates and the MCDC. When conducted well, fundraisers also generate volunteers for the various campaigns.

MCDC raises funds in the following ways:

  • Each candidate is expected to raise a significant amount of the money through individual donations required to conduct their campaign. MCDC committee persons assist candidates in this effort by arranging gatherings (coffees, wine and cheese receptions, etc.) of sympathetic people who could be expected to give financial support to a candidate they find worthy.

  • MCDC conducts ticketed entertainment events, such as the Fall fundraiser and candidate dinner, which bring in people from outside the committee. These events draw wide audiences that provide good exposure for the candidates, in addition to providing a good time for the attendees.

  • Funds can be raised by other means, as identified by the Committee and approved by the MCDC.

Poll Staffing Committee

The mission of the Poll Staffing Committee of the Mid-County Democratic Committee (“MCDC”) is to support the MCDC in providing optimal poll coverage and functioning on each Election Day. The work of the Committee includes:

  • Obtaining the list of “inside workers” for each polling place from the Delaware County Bureau of Elections and keeping it current. Inside workers are: Judge of Election (elected), Inspector (elected) and Clerk (appointed by the Minority Inspector).

  • Working with Vice Chairs and Committee Members to fill any inside worker vacancies before any election.

  • Working with Vice Chairs to ensure that CMs have arranged for sufficient greeters at each poll and that appropriate information is provided to greeters at each poll.

  • Organizing strike list training once a year before the general election, as needed.

  • Organizing greeter training once a year before the primary and prior to the general election, if needed.

  • Organizing an inside worker “thank you” brunch in the winter of odd years.

Political Action Outreach Committee

The Political Action Outreach Committee (PAOC) will provide members of the Mid-County Democratic Committee (MCDC) and the Democratic Community at large with resources to identify and contact political action groups and organizations relevant to Democratic principles and concerns. The PAOC will:

  • Identify target political issues of concern to the MCDC and the Community at large.

  • Identify political action groups and organizations that address the political issues of concern.

  • Maintain a working database of contact information for these political action groups and organizations, and provide relevant information to MCDC and Community members.

  • Prepare synopses of relevant political issues of concern and their associated action groups/organizations, for publication via MCDC newsletter and/or social media outlets.

The PAOC will not take a specific position on a relevant political issue of concern on behalf of the MCDC.