State House and State Senate

Edgmont or Middletown Precinct 2-3, District 3, District 4

Lisa Borowski - Running for the State House in District 168

As State Representative, Lisa will continue her record of focusing on the issues that most impact our daily lives here in the 168th. Whether it’s fixing our roads, supporting enhancements to our public schools, or protecting the safety of our community, she'll show up for the things that matter most to us. Above all, she will always listen to her constituents and value our concerns so that she can truly represent us in Harrisburg.

Middletown - District 1, Precinct 2-1, Precinct 2-2

Leanne Krueger (Incumbent) - Running for the State House in District 161

State Representative Leanne Krueger represents Pennsylvania’s 161st Legislative District in Delaware County, making history in 2015 as the first woman to represent the district.

Since her election to the Pennsylvania House, Leanne has been a champion for causes that matter:

  • Helped thousands of constituents - from unemployment compensation, to food drives, to grant funding for small businesses, to protective equipment for frontline workers

  • Secured over $4.5 million for our local fire departments to improve safety equipment and 911 rapid response

  • Helped win almost $500,000 in funding to improve Delaware County’s parks

  • Hosted multiple constituent workshops — to help seniors with Medicare, to help families recover unclaimed property, and to help people expunge old criminal records

  • Demanded oil and gas companies pay their fair share of taxes to help provide property tax relief to PA homeowners

  • Voted to increase funding for Delaware County schools by over a million dollars

  • Helping lead the fightto stop the unnecessary privatization of our water utilities to ensure our rates are kept down

  • Co-sponsored a bill to increase the state’s minimum wage to help working families make ends meet

  • Co-sponsored a bill to require background checks on all firearms to further reduce the threat of gun violence in our neighborhoods

In addition to her legislative duties, she also serves as Chair of the PA House Democratic Campaign Committee. Leanne holds an MBA from Eastern University and a BA from Rutgers University. She lives in Wallingford with her son, Wendell.

Upper Providence

Tim Kearney (Incumbent) - Running for the State Senate in District 26

State Senator Tim Kearney represents Pennsylvania's 26th District comprising most of Delaware County and Chester County's Easttown and Willistown Townships.

For the past four years Tim’s mission in Harrisburg has been to reclaim our legislature for main street business and the working class. A former mayor and small businessman, Tim has brought an unwavering sense of justice, ethics and practical experience to deliver on fair wages, worker protections, affordable housing, healthcare, community safety, and the needs of main street.

Tim has called for equal and immediate investment in our public schools and is a lifelong advocate for women’s rights, a staunch voice for the LGBTQIA+ community, and a leader in environmental protection and sustainability practices.

He has sponsored dozens of pieces of legislation and brought over $31 million in grant funding to his home district.

When he's not busy advocating in Harrisburg, Tim can be found volunteering in the community with his pint-sized rescue dog Chorizo in hand, spending time with his family in Swarthmore, or strumming four strings in his Ukulele band.

Jenn O'Mara (Incumbent) - Running for the State House in District 165

First elected in 2018, Jenn O’Mara flipped a seat that had been held by Republicans for nearly four decades to become one of Pennsylvania’s youngest legislators—and one of her community’s strongest advocates.

Since she was sworn in, Rep. O’Mara has

  • held 83 (and counting) in-district events, including 23 town halls,

  • written two bills that secured more funding for the Veterans’ Trust Fund, and

  • held drive-through food drives to help feed people in need and grew into a countywide effort during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jenn’s in-district events have helped collect and recycle thousands of tons of paper, electronics, and expired medication. She runs an effective District Office that serves thousands of residents each year and works hard to meet the needs of all her constituents, not just her political supporters.

Rep. O’Mara has made working to improve the lives of her current constituents a top priority. Although redistricting has changed the boundaries of her district, Jenn will continue to fight for her new constituents with passion and energy.